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Milford Radio:
While growing my business network I learned that Milford, CT is a popular place to live and visit and there are many people looking for more information about events and other news. I quickly started a social network page about Milford, CT. In less than a month I had over 1,000 fans and today there are over 9,000 following my page about Milford. This is why I started, it is an online radio show dedicated to the city’s events, people, places, news, and more. The show averages over 1,000 listeners per month and is now working with local business on advertising and sponsorships. The goal is to create this into a national concept, rolling it into most small communities. More...

Internet Good Guy:
A web development/consulting company. With the majority of my professional career in the web development industry. We still accept a few clients at a time to help them with anything they need including full website design, online marketing, email campaigns, social networking, web redesign, or just to sit and discuss options. More...

Milford Pedicab:
After taking a pedicab ride in NYC and also seeing the business side of it on the first season of “The Apprentice” I saw a need in Milford to have a pedicab service. So a friend of mine and I started the operation in 2008 and we are still in business. The business plan is simple, we sub-contract pedicab drivers who rent the pedicab from us and keep 100% of their tips, we also allow local businesses to advertise on our pedicabs. We specialize in weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and any event throughout Connecticut that there will be a large crowd of people. We are now the only pedicab company in the state of Connecticut. More...

Professional Experience:

  • Vice President of Marketing- 2 years
  • Director of Product Development - 2 years
  • President - 3 years
  • Vice President of Retail - 3 years
  • Webmaster - 7 years
  • Business Owner - 10 years


  • Leadership
  • Self starter
  • Entrepreneur mentality
  • Organized
  • Passion for success

Community Involvement:

National Radio Interview (2 million listeners)